Emailing Agent Invoices

Brokermint supplies agents with invoices delivered via email, so agents can stay on top of their charges paid and owed. 

To enable the automatic delivery of invoices, Admins with permissions to Accounting should follow the steps below. 

What are recurring email invoices?

If you utilize Recurring Billing within Brokermint, Admins can enable the automated email delivery of invoices/receipt of payment for these charges.

Important details

  • Invoices will be sent regardless of the amount
  • Invoices will be generated and emailed at the time the agent's credit card is charged
  • If an agent's credit card was charged successfully, the email will serve as a receipt of payment
  • If an agent's credit card was charged unsuccessfully, the email will serve as an invoice due 

To enable recurring email invoices, go to Accounting > Agent billing > Settings tab and switch the Send invoices for recurring charges toggle.


Within this page, you also can adjust the sender name that will be displayed on the email and the email template (which can be created in the Fields > Email templates tab).



How do I email invoices not related to a recurring charge?

If you'd like to download or email an agent's invoice for a non-recurring charge, you can do so from the Agent Ledger. Please keep in mind, invoices added to the Agent's Ledger are included on their Monthly Statement, but you manually email an invoice by following the steps below. 

Navigate to Accounting > Agent Ledgers > Agent profile and click the invoice you want to email.

You can download, email, or delete any invoice that has already been created for a user. Simply select the Invoice Number and choose from the options at the bottom of the pop-up. You can update the email message or add additional recipients if you wish to. You can also click on the attachment in the email to preview the invoice before sending to the agent. *We recommend always including a memo on the invoice or adding additional information in the email so the user understands what the charge is.


If the invoice includes multiple line items, the email attachment will reflect all line items in the invoice. If a payment has already been received and applied to the invoice, the emailed invoice will reflect any payments made and the updated balance owed by the agent. 



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