Buyer Offers: Updates & New Features 3.0

Release Notes | 9.22.22 | Buyer Offers

New Features

To accompany the original release of our brand new module, Buyer Offers, we have made several updates and added new features that will help users better manage their offers. Within the Buyer Offers module, you can now:


Copy Documents to Pending Transactions

  • When accepting a Buyer Offer, documents associated with the Offer will carry over to the Transaction created. You can locate these documents in the 'Unsorted' folder of the Pending Transaction.



User Permissions

  • Ability to turn on/off Buyer Offer permissions for specific users 



Email Attachments

  • Documents uploaded to the Offer can be sent as email attachments





  • Ability to delete a Buyer Offer
  • Checklist task descriptions will be displayed in the Offer's activity log 
  • Start the eSign process and see automatic updates to signer statuses to track the progress of the document


For more information on how to use Buyer Offers, please check out our Support article


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