Agent Billing Updates: Monthly Statements, Invoice Delivery, Recurring Billing Management (Beta)

Release Notes | 11.4.22 | Accounting 

One of the biggest pain points we hear from our clients is their agents not paying bills on-time and the manual work it takes for Admins to keep up with bills. To help our clients resolve this challenge, we have developed several new features within Brokermint to provide agents will full visibility of charges and up-to-date financial records, while giving admins powerful new automation tools. 

At this time, these features are only available to Beta users. If you'd like early access to thee updates, please email

New Features

Agent Statements

The most highly requested feature of this new release was the ability to generate and automatically send agents a full scope view of their financial activities for a period of time. A few highlights of the new Monthly Statements feature includes:

  • The automatic generation and email delivery of an individualized agent's ledger activity from the previous month 
  • The ability for both Agents and Admins to view and download previous Monthly Statements
  • The ability for Admins to generate and download or email a statement for a specific time period outside of the Monthly Statement view

With statements, Agents get full transparency into any updates made to their Agent Ledger and any recurring billing charges that happened for the previous month. Consider it like monthly bank statement, but for your brokerage charges. By providing better visibility into outstanding charges due, agents can understand what they still owe and provide prompt payment. 

To learn more about Monthly Statements, please see our Help Article


Email Delivery of Agent Invoices

We understand that not every agent is logging into their Brokermint platform every day, let alone checking their 'Billing' tab for updates daily. To combat this, we developed a few new functions around alerting agents of their invoices via email. Some highlights of the new Email Delivery of Invoices feature includes:

  • The automatic generation and email delivery of invoices for agents set up on recurring billing charges, which will be trigged on the same day as the charged
  • The ability for Admins to manually generate and download or email invoices for transactions in an Agent's Ledger 
  • Invoices that include all line items and reflect the most up-to-date payments received and outstanding balances

To learn more about Email Delivery of Invoices, please see our Help Article


Configure and Manage Recurring Billing at Scale

Lastly, included in this release is the ability to configure and manage recurring billing in bulk. With this release, you no longer have to navigate to each individual user to configure, edit, or delete a recurring bill -- you can do it at scale and in a fraction of the time. 

To learn more about Bulk Management of Recurring Charges, please see our Help Article


Coming Soon:

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on expanding our Quickbooks Integration to include pushing Agent Ledger data into Quickbooks. If you'd like to learn more about this upcoming release and get early access through our Beta program, please email


If you'd like to take advantage of the features listed above today, please join our beta group. If you do not wish to participate in the beta, please stay tuned for a release announcement coming later. 

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