Creating and Managing Recurring Billing

Admins with permissions to recurring billing can create and manage recurring billing charges at scale. Billing charges can be set on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis and be assigned to any user in your Brokermint account. 

Please note that recurring billing works only for credit cards. Brokermint does not allow recurring billing charges through bank accounts.

Though you can add a credit card to the Brokermint system any time, we highly recommend adding credit card only when you want to charge an agent. Once an agent has a credit card on file and a recurring bill is set up, that charge will happen automatically.

Getting started with recurring billing 

Go to Accounting > Agent billing> Recurring Charges. 


If you already have recurring charges set up, they will be displayed here grouped by the frequency. Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. 

How do I create new recurring charge?


Bill date is a bill start date you set when setting up a charge. You can set any date (past, present, or future) to align with your ledger needs.

  1. Go to Agent billing > Recurring charges > Create charge button at the top right corner.
  2. The first step is to select the Repeat frequency and fill in all the fields for your new charge relating to the Memo, Income Account, A/R account, Quantity, and Price. Click Next once finished.  

  3. Next add which agents this charge applies to. Use the search option to find a specific agent or use the Assigned agents checkbox at the left-right corner to select all agents on the page or all agents within your organization. There you can deselect all as well. Click save.
  4. Once saved, you can see your new recurring charge on the list under the relevant frequency.

How do I edit an existing recurring charge?

Select the name of any recurring charge to open the Edit window. Here you can edit any of the fields displayed on the screen. Please note, these changes will only reflect future charges and will not impact past charges. 


To edit the Agents the charge applies to, select the Agents column on the far right. 


Search for the agent's name and use the checkbox next to each user's name to select which agents should be included in this charge. You will need to set a start date for any new agents added. Click save.



How do I avoid duplicating recurring charges?


If you create a charge that duplicates all the data (period, amount, memo, etc) – the system will ask you whether you want to merge it and add new assignees, or still create a duplicated version. We recommend avoiding the latter option and merging duplicated charges to avoid charging process complexities.

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