Buyer Offers: Updates & New Features 2.0

Release Notes | 8.11.22 | Buyer Offers


New Features

To accompany the original release of our brand new module, Buyer Offers, we have made several updates and added new features that will help users better manage their offers. Within the Buyer Offers module, you can now:

Buyer Offer Checklists

  • Admins can create one or multiple Buyer Offer Checklists templates 
  • Admins can assign a Checklist to any Buyer Offer to track important tasks/documents
  • Add Checklists to Offers created prior to this release

eSign Auto Populated Fields  

  • Generate and send eSign documents with pre-populated fields carried over from the Buyer Offer details 
  • Edit, update, add, or delete any signing fields 


  • Ability to transfer ownership of the Buyer Offer to another user 
  • Expanded capabilities surrounding sorting/viewing Buyer Offers (Added new columns, sorting fields, and view settings)
  • Made the 'Seller' contact field an optional field, instead of a required field, when creating a new Buyer Offer 
  • On the Offer Activity section, email subject line & body have been added to the information displayed for better tracking and compliance 
  • Improved MLS field data captured and displayed on Offers 
  • Improved page navigation when viewing from a mobile device 

Coming Soon

  • When accepting a Buyer Offer, documents associated with the Offer will carry over to the Transaction created 
  • Ability to turn on/off Buyer Offer permissions for specific users 
  • User experience improvements on eSign documents 
  • Ability to delete a Buyer Offer 
  • Ability to add an attachment to an email sent from the Offer 


For more information on how to use Buyer Offers, please check out our Support article


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