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Buyer Offers allows Brokermint users to handle the buying process in a more consistent and simpler way, keeping all things in one place. A few quick facts to help you get started:

  • Offers have a similar lifecycle as Transactions
  • Offers have four states: active, accepted, withdrawn, or rejected
  • Offers page has three main zones: Left sidebar, Details and the I want to... menu, and activity feed

Getting started with Buyer Offers

When first accessing the Offers page, you'll see a notion that you have no active offers to display. Here, you can create a new offer by clicking the button in the middle or the top right of the page.


Within the page, you also can adjust the current view. The initial view will have an Active offers filter. You can change it to Withdrawn or Rejected by clicking the related dropdown, as well as creating a new custom view adjusted to your needs.


How do I create a new Buyer Offer?

Click the Create offer button to create a new offer.

Step 1 – Fill in Buyer Offer details


Within the opened dialogue window, fill out the general required fields, such as address, city, state, zip, price, and financing. Then, fill out the additional fields if needed (you can add them within the Fields > Offer fields section).

Step 2 – Add Buyer Offer contacts


You must add the following contacts to proceed with the Offer creation:

  • Buyer (required)
  • Seller (required)
  • Buyer Agent (required)
  • Seller Agent (optional)

You can also add any number of additional contacts manually if needed.

Adding offer from MLS

You can add a Buyer Offer from MLS by clicking the Create offer button and selecting the Search MLS option from the list.


After creating a Buyer Offer, its status will be set as Active by default.

Navigating the Buyer Offer page


The Buyer Offer page has three main components:

  1. Left menu
  2. I want to... menu and offer details
  3. Activity feed

Same as for Transactions, the left menu displays general offer info with the address, buyer name, status, and Edit button. It also has a Back button that allows you to navigate back to the Offers page.

Offer details button

This button is used to open the Offer editing menu and allows you to make any adjustments to your Offer data and Offer contacts.


I want to... menu


This button allows you to take any actions with your Buyer Offer, such as:

  • Mark offer as accepted or rejected
  • Withdraw the offer
  • Edit offer
  • Send an email
  • Upload a document
  • create eSign package
  • Add a comment/note

Accepting, rejecting, or withdrawing a Buyer Offer

  • When marking an Offer as accepted, you can turn it into a transaction, while leaving the offer status as accepted.


  • After marking an Offer as rejected from the I want to... menu, Offer status will be changed to rejected.
  • Withdrawing an Offer will also set the status as withdrawn.

Activity feed


This section allows you to see and monitor all actions that were made within the Buyer Offer. Available actions include:

  • Offer actions (accepting, rejecting, or withdrawing)
  • To-do tasks completion
  • Exemption requests
  • eSign package activities
  • Document uploads and downloads
  • Emails
  • Comments
  • Offer info updates

How do I create an additional field for a Buyer Offer?

Go to Fields > Buyer offer fields > Add field and add a new field. After creation, it will be available when creating new offers.


How do I change the Buyer Offer owner?

Within your Offer, go to edit > Edit contacts. In the opened window, click the three-dots icon near the related contact and select Make offer owner.


How do I create a Buyer Offer checklist?

First, you'll need to create a buyer offer checklist template. Go to Checklists > Buyer offers > + Add template. After creation and adding up some tasks, you'll be able to see it when creating a new Buyer Offer or editing the existing one — through the I want to... > Add checklist.


While working and adding multiple checklists, you'll be asked whether you want to remove all incomplete to-do items, or have new checklist's to-dos will added on top of existing ones.

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