Pre-listing transactions


Brokermint allows you to be more flexible with incoming offers and transactions. From now on, you can set a pre-listing status for your transactions when creating new or editing existing ones. Moreover, the new pre-listing status will also appear in the view settings and custom report filters.

Currently, Brokermint transactions can have the following statuses assigned:

  • pre-listing
  • pending
  • listing
  • closed
  • cancelled

How do I set a pre-listing transaction status?

To set a transaction status, within the needed transaction, select edit > switch to pre-listing.


When creating a new transaction, the pre-listing option will appear in the status dropdown.

How do I filter pre-listing status in a custom report?

  1. Open a needed report and click Configure at the bottom top
  2. In an opened window, select add filter > Status
  3. Within a new Status filter, select options > pre-listing


If you're creating a report, the configuration window above will appear by default.

Pre-listing roles and fields

You can also assign a specific transaction role or a field to a pre-listing status. For a role, go to Fields > Transaction roles > Add role. Within the window, select required > only when... > transaction status: pre-listing.


For a custom field, go to Fields > Transaction fields > Add field. Within the window, select required > when transaction status becomes ... > pre-listing.

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