Brokermint Mobile App Quickstart

We've designed our mobile app to let you experience all desktop-like features on the go. In this article, we will quickly walk you through the key pages of our app and how to navigate them.


This page brings all your active sales funnels and transactions to your fingertips. The data is displayed as a funnel, with listings at the top, followed by pending deals, and closed transactions at the bottom.

Tap each funnel section for drill-down data on each type of transaction.

By tapping the My net income dropdown, you can select the required view of your pipeline.



The Transactions section shows all your transactions and lets you dive deeper into each transaction page with a tap. You can switch transaction view to active, closed, canceled, and so on by tapping the Active dropdown.

Use the search field to find a specific transaction by its name or location.

Specific transaction page



Allows you to see the basic info of the selected transaction.


Displays transaction documents and their statuses. Tap each task to see the attached document and eSignature status.


Shows all the transaction checklist tasks. You can select different checklists by tapping the dropdown at the top of the screen.


Lists all users and contacts connected to the selected transaction.

Tap a contact/user to see their info and long-tap to copy their email.


Allows you to easily share the transaction via a scannable QR-code or unique URL. You'll be notified about submitted offers.

To Do

This section displays all current, past due, and no-date tasks across all your active transactions. Tap each task to dive deeper.



This page allows you to search, create, and manage contacts within your organization. Tap + to create a contact, tap a contact to see their info or edit them, and select All contacts dropdown to filter the view.



Here you can switch between accounts or sign out of the app.

Send emails from the Brokermint Mobile App

To send an email, within your transaction go to Contacts > three-dot icon > Send email. In an opened screen, you can select the recipient, subject, and body text, as well as attach a document (tap the clip icon) or CC someone (tap the 'To' field dropdown).


Add, edit, and delete tasks from the Broekrmint Mobile App

Add task

Within your transaction, go to Checklist > three-dot icon > Add task.


Edit task

Within your task, tap the three-dot icon > Edit task.


Delete task

Within your task, tap the three-dot icon > Delete task.


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