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Brokermint users can sign, track, and send eSign packages on the go. The mobile app allows you to complete forms – from checkboxes to signatures – within a few taps as well as send and monitor package status.

How do I create the eSign package on the mobile app?

The mobile app will display forms that were already assigned to the checklist, either from the template or uploaded from a computer.

Within a transaction, go to the Checklists tab and select the needed checklist from the dropdown menu under the pricing. Then, tap the required task and select Complete eSign.


You can get back to the document later, as the app saves your draft after each step.

How do I edit documents on mobile?

  1. After allocating signers and other parties, you will be redirected to the Edit mode of a document. You can zoom in with a pinch gesture.
  2. Tap the three dots icon to open the menu of tools, settings, and other actions. Add text fields, signature fields, initials, dates, and other elements.


After adding a field, tap the pen icon on the top of the screen to focus on editing this specific field. Here you can customize all the field’s variables as needed.


To save the eSignature document manually at any moment of editing, tap the tick icon at the top of the document.


How do I add a field in a document on mobile?

After selecting the needed field in the side menu, tap the document area you want to place the field.


  • A single tap will make the field size the same as the previous one
  • Press and hold the field to scale the size and adjust its height and width

How do I add signers for the eSign package on mobile?

Usually, you’ll be asked to add signers when creating an eSign package. Tap Add signer, search for a user/contact, and tap on them to select.


You can also add a signer when editing a document. Tap the three dots button > Signers & parties > Add signer.


How do I change the signer order on mobile?

When selecting signers and other parties, switch the Assign signers order toggle and move signers order.


How do I send documents for eSign on mobile?

  1. When you are ready to send the document, tap the three dots icon at the top and select the Send for eSign option.
  2. On the next screen, you’ll be asked to assign the signers order, add CC recipients, or edit the email message if needed. When you’re all set, tap the Send button.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the task page. Under the Signers tab, you will see the status of every sent eSignature request.


To refresh the statuses, tap and pull the page down.

How do I track the signature status on mobile?

Within a transaction, go to Checklists > required document > Signers tab and pull to refresh if needed.


Here’s what each status reflects:

  • Not sent – the request wasn’t sent because the email is in a queue and will be deployed soon
  • Sent – the eSign request was sent successfully
  • Viewed – the recipient has opened the document at least once
  • Signed (pending) – the eSignature process is pending
  • Signed – the recipient has eSigned the document

How do I view and select transaction, company, or state forms?

Within the library, you can navigate through different views when searching for a form or a document. To do that, when adding a document or selecting a form, tap the dropdown above the search field. You can select the Company library, Transaction documents, or any available state form.


How do I restart the eSignature process on mobile?

Within your task screen, tap the three dots icon at the top and select Restart eSign. You'll be asked whether you want to keep the signatures or void them and start the document from scratch.


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