ACH Payouts for Agents


Brokermint allows organizations in the United States to make payments via the ACH network. As an agent, you can make payments, connect bank accounts and see the status of related ACH payments.

How can I add my bank account for ACH payments as an agent?

Step 1

Under the SETTINGS section, go to the Users page and select your account. On the right tab, under the BILLING > BANK ACCOUNTS section click Add bank account. You will see a window with a bank account connection request template. Edit it if needed and click Send request and check your email for further instructions.


Step 2

After completion, you will see all your connected bank accounts on the Billing page under the USER section. Deactivated accounts will be highlighted in grey.


If you can’t see the BANK ACCOUNTS section, please contact your master account admin.

How can I make an ACH payment as an agent?

To make an ACH payment as an agent, you’ll need accounting access permission. In order to receive it, contact your local admin.

Step 1

From the Accounting page, go to the Agent ledger tab and select the needed agent profile.


Step 2

From the user’s profile, on the right side of the screen click the Actions button and select the Pay agent option.


Step 3

In a pop-up window, enter the Pay from, Amount, and Deposit to data. Then click the Pay button.

Step 4

This transaction will appear as Pending in the contact’s Agent ledger. Transactions won’t be valid until approved.


If a transaction fails, you’ll get an email notification. It will also be removed from the ledger.

Where can I see my ACH payment status?

Under the USER section, select the Billing page. Under the STATEMENT tab, you will see all your transactions.


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