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Brokermint allows organizations in the United States to pay agents or partners via the automated clearing house (ACH) network. There are three steps required in order to make an ACH payment:

  1. Connect the payment gateway
  2. Connect a bank account
  3. Make an ACH payment

Setting Up ACH

How do I connect the Payload gateway?

Step 1

From any page, go to Accounting > Payment gateways, click Connect gateway and select Payload.


Step 2

You will be redirected to fill out the Payload form. In a form, you’ll be requested to provide:

  • Funding account information
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Business information (including Legal Name, Tax ID, etc.)
  • Beneficial/Control ownership information
  • Processing information

The Payload connection form asks for 2 months of bank statements. If your company has no statements to add, validate your account by attaching some bank letters from your business name.

After submitting the form, your Payload gateway integration status will be set as Pending.


Step 3

When Payload confirms your request, you’ll get an email notification and the PENDING badge will be removed.


If you have any issues with the Payload gateway integration, please reach out to the Payload support team.

How do I disconnect the Payload gateway?

If your Payload gateway has a pending status, you can disconnect it by going to Accounting > Payment gateways > Payload and selecting the Disconnect gateway button.


Connecting Bank Accounts

How can I add my bank account for ACH payments?

Go to Billing > Credit cards & Bank accounts section and click the three dots icon, then select Add bank account. In an opened window, please proceed with connecting your bank account via the Plaid platform.


How can I request a user's bank account connection?

Go to the Users page and select a user’s account. Under the Billing > Credit cards & Bank accounts section click Add payment method and select Bank account. You will see a window with a bank account connection request template. Edit it if needed and click Send request.


When a user confirms their bank account connection, you'll receive a notification via email.

How do I resend or cancel a user's bank account connection request?

When a user has a pending connection request, you'll see the actions option under the Billing tab. After clicking it, you can:

  • Resend – resend a bank account connection request email with the link; the prior link will be expired
  • Cancel – cancel a bank account connection link emailed to this user


How can I request a contact's bank account connection?

Go to Contacts > Contact’s profile > Billing tab on the right side and click Add payment method. In the opened window, change the email request template if needed and click Send request.


If a contact has a bank account connected, you won’t be able to delete their profile. Please reach out to our support to delete it.

Paying via ACH

How do I make an ACH payment?

To make an ACH payment, go to Accounting > +Add button at the top of the section. Select the Payment (ACH) option and fill in the needed information in an opened window. After making a payment, you will be redirected to the Chart of Accounts (COA) page with the transaction displayed under the Pending dropdown.


Why can't I see a Pay Agent section?

The Pay agent button is only visible when you have a Payload gateway connected. If you’re having issues with connecting it – please contact your master account admin.

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