Calculated fields in Forms

Tired of manual calculations when filling out the form? Let our calculated fields do the math.


This feature allows you to utilize form data the way you do in Excel. You can create an auto-calculated field that refers to another field with a formula. Each calculated field will be instantly updated based on the entered expression.

Calculated fields allow you to work with in-document data as well as with transactional information. It comes in handy when you need to sum up a total on an invoice or automate commission calculations in a form.

You can't change field values or formulas while e-signing the document. Make sure to finalize calculations before delivering for e-signature.

How calculated fields work

Similar to Microsoft Excel, our Template Editor uses field references to automate and maintain calculations. To create a field reference, you'll need a field ID.

(F0009 * 0.5) + F0012 # In this expression, F0009 and F0012 are field IDs. 

How to get a field ID‌

After creating a form, you'll see the Properties window opened. Right-click 'Copy field ID' as on example:


To copy field ID, click the 'Copy field ID' icon in the Properties window. Then, insert this value in your calculated field formula and click the Apply button below.

How to add a calculated field

  1. From your document preview panel, click Edit template
  2. Using the Text tool (or Money for a currency field) in the top menu, click to add a field on the document
  3. Right-click the field to access its Properties window
  4. In the Properties window, click the Populate with option and select Calculation formula section
  5. Enter your calculation formula and click Apply


Supported operators:

  • Sum ( + )
  • Subtract ( - )
  • Multiply ( * )
  • Divide ( / )

To merge string values with the Sum ( + ) operator, enclose them in double quotes, as on example:


Create a string by writing text enclosed in double quotes and sum it with numerical values.

You can't enter a value into a calculated field. The value of the field gets automatically calculated based on the rules defined.

Additionally supported functions:

  • MONEY_SPELL_OUT – returns an amount with decimal part in words
  • ROUND – used to round a number to its closest integer

Here's how the MONEY_SPELL_OUT function works:



A field with $100 value will return “one hundred and 00/100” spelled out on it.

Combine MONEY SPELL OUT with ROUND to spell out decimal numbers as integer:

MONEY_SPELL_OUT(ROUND (F0003)) # Spells out F0003 value as an integer

Why can't I see a "Populate with" section?

This happens when you edit your document from the transaction. To enable seeing the "Populate with" section, go to your Library and edit the needed document from there.


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