Transaction Postings to Accounting

With a single posting to accounting, you can quickly and easily post all the real estate transaction’s calculated commission numbers to the Accounting module (General Ledger).

A posting to accounting allows you to automatically create all the necessary G/L transactions. No need to create them all manually, one by one. Simply post them all to accounting with a single posting to accounting. 

How do I post a transaction to accounting?

You can post a transaction to accounting on a transaction’s Commissions page by clicking the Action button and selecting Post to transaction ledger

Here’s a short video explaining how to post a transaction to accounting:

How do I update or delete a transaction posting to accounting?

You can update or delete G/L transactions created as part of your postings from the Transaction ledger page by opening up a transaction and either making your changes and clicking the Update  button or just clicking the Delete icon.

Here’s a short video explaining how to do that:


Learn more about the Transaction Ledger, the sub-ledger of the General Ledger, to which all the transaction postings are posted here

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