Transaction Ledgers 



A transaction ledger is a sub-ledger of General Ledger with each real estate transaction’s activity (a historical list of G/L transactions, like invoices and bills grouped by a posting).

Who needs transaction ledgers?

The transaction ledger is a part of the Brokermint Accounting module. The transaction ledger was specifically designed for real estate brokerages and teams who want to track and manage G/L transactions, like invoices and bills, for real estate transactions easily and efficiently.

What can I do on the transaction ledger page?

You can view a real estate transaction’s activity (a list of G/L transactions, like invoices or bills grouped by a posting). You can also add new G/L transactions, and update or delete existing ones. 

Transaction ledger.gif

The G/L transactions you can add are invoices, bills, payments made, and payments received. You can add them by clicking the Actions button and selecting the corresponding option - watch videos to learn more.

What is a transaction posting to accounting? 

With a single posting to accounting, you can quickly and easily post all the real estate transaction’s calculated commission numbers to the Accounting module (General Ledger). 

There's no need to create all the G/L transactions related to your real estate transaction manually. Simply post them all to accounting with a single posting to accounting.


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