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With the integration between dotloop and Brokermint, you can combine two of the most powerful transaction management tools into one seamless platform. Connect dotloop to Brokermint, so that your agents can get the transaction rolling with a loop that your team can manage using Brokermint advanced transaction and commission tools.

This integration is being made by third-party service Apination. If you are already familiar with Add-ons integration in Brokermint, use this link to quickly set up a dotloop integration.


  • When you create a loop in dotloop, an incoming transaction is automatically created in Brokermint
  • Transactions are assigned to an agent present on the loop
  • For loops with multiple agents, transactions are assigned to users who connected the sync

Loops are synced to Brokermint every 15 minutes.

How does integration work? 

When creating or modifying a loop in dotloop, within 15 minutes it will be sent to Brokermint as an incoming transaction. From here, you will be able to accept this incoming transaction within your Brokermint account.

How do I access the dotloop integration in Brokermint?

You can access the dotloop integration from the Add-ons page within the Brokermint platform. When there, find and click the dotloop tile. For further questions on how to set this up, contact the Brokermint support team at 

What fields are sent over? 

The following fields are sent over during the sync:

  • Listing Agent
  • Buying Agent
  • Transaction Type
  • Status
  • Address
  • Purchase Price
  • Acceptance Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Listing Date
  • Closing Date
  • Participants Role

Are documents uploaded to dotloop synced to Brokermint? 

No, the documents are not synced into Brokermint. 

Can I have custom fields from dotloop synced to Brokermint? 

If you want custom fields from dotloop synced to Brokermint, submit a custom fields synchronization request for Apination team

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