E-signature Overview

With the Brokermint e-sign functionality, you can effortlessly sign documents and forms with legally binding e-signatures. And, you can send documents and forms for anyone else in your transaction to e-sign.

On top of that, you can create e-sign packages with multiple documents and send them for completion and e-signature. You can also create and save e-sign templates for easy access so that you don't have to spend hours re-creating them all. Besides, you can send reminders to signers, change signer email addresses, make adjustments to documents and re-send them for completion and e-signature, and more. 


Is my Brokermint e-signature legally binding? 

Yes, Brokermint e-signature complies with all the legal requirements and is legally binding. Digital signatures are secure, time-stamped, and can be organized easily and tied to a contract, transaction, agent profile, and more. 

How do I send documents for e-signature? 

You can send documents for e-signature from any transaction that has a checklist - read more or watch a video... 

How do I e-sign documents?

You can start the e-sign process from an email you receive asking you to sign documents. 

Here’s a short video tutorial explaining how to e-sign documents:

Are required fields highlighted?

Yes, the pdf editor in the e-sign mode highlights all the required fields in red.  

What is a signer order? 

This is the order in which signers e-sign documents. You can e-sign documents only after they are signed by all the signers that are set to sign before you. 

You can set the signer order when sending documents for e-signature. Here’s a short video explaining how to do that: 

What happens when a role is reassigned to someone else?

If roles are reassigned to someone else on the final “Send for signature” step, the filled in data is wiped out. Then, the new assignee can fill out the document. 

Does a signature or initials contain a signature date?

Yes, all signatures and initials contain a date when the document was signed or initialed. 

What happens when the e-sign process is interrupted?

Brokermint will not restart the process. You should restart it yourself. 

Will I be notified when a document is signed or needs to be signed?

Yes, you will be notified by email when you need to e-sign a document or when a document is viewed or e-signed by someone else. You will also receive an email with the signed document attached once it’s signed by all the signers. 

How do I change a signer’s email address?

You can change a signer's email address from a transaction that has a checklist. 

Here's a short video tutorial explaining how to change a signer's email address: 

How do I send a reminder to a signer? 

You can send a reminder to a signer from a transaction that has a checklist. 

Here's as short video tutorial explaining how to send a reminder to a signer:

What is a package verification page?

It’s a public page with a unique URL for each e-sign package. 

What info does a package verification page contain?

It contains the e-sign package name, package ID, signature status (signed, sent for signature, or canceled), signed date time, number of pages, and number of signers.

How do I access the package verification page?

The package verification page is accessible with the QR code.

What is a QR code? 

A QR code is an image consisting of black squares and dots that can be scanned by any smartphone with a QR code reader application. The QR code contains the link to the package verification page. No need to type lengthy links into a web browser. Scan the QR code and access the package verification page in no time. 

Where can I find the QR code?

You can find the QR code on the Activity page under OVERVIEW. When there, locate the event and click the pdf document in it. Then, scroll to the final page titled "Package Certificate". 

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