Agent Ledgers


An agent ledger is a sub-ledger of a general ledger that contains each agent’s balance and activity (a list of G/L transactions, like invoices or payments, relating to the selected agent). Admins can access agent billing from agent ledgers. 

Who needs agent ledgers?

The agent ledger is a part of the Brokermint Accounting module that allows real estate brokerages and teams to view agent balances, invoice agents, track payments, and charge their agents in a simple manner. 

What can I do on the agent ledger page? 

You can view an agent's balance, invoice an agent, record a payment from an agent, apply payments to invoices, add a bill, record a payment made to an agent, and charge an agent's payment method on file from their agent ledger page. To learn how to do all of the above, click here


Where can I see an agent’s balance?

You can see an agent’s balance via:

  • Accounting > Agent ledgers > specific user's page
  • Users > User's profile > Billing section

How is an agent’s balance calculated?

The balance is calculated by adding together all transaction totals in the ledger.


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