Payment gateway integration


Brokermint allows you to connect payment gateways in order to charge and make payments via agents' credit cards or/and bank accounts. For now, Brokermint supports Braintree and Payload gateways.  

How do I register a Braintree account? 

You need a valid business bank account to sign up for a Braintree payments account. Braintree will deposit your funds into this bank account automatically. 

When you are ready to sign up, fill out the form and submit your application on the Braintree payments website. Braintree will contact you with further instructions within the next business day.

Braintree emails can occasionally land in your "spam"/"junk" folders – check them first. If you are still facing issues with your application, our support team is here to help!

Please note that Braintree charges a fee depending on the selected package.

How do I connect my Braintree account to Brokermint? 

You need to obtain your API credentials from Braintree. Then, you connect your Braintree payment gateway on the Braintree configuration page in Brokermint.

Here is a short video explaining how to connect Braintree to Brokermint: 

How do I obtain my Braintree API credentials? 

After your Braintree application is successfully processed, you can obtain your API credentials - Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID - from Braintree. To learn how to obtain your Braintree API credentials, visit the Braintree payments website.

How do I get my Braintree account approved?

When registering a Braintree account, you'll pass through the general process of underwriting. For the best chance of getting approved for Braintree, ensure you comply with the following points:
  • Proper registration with the Secretary of State
  • Registered landline phone number
  • Verifiable business address
  • Branded and searchable social media accounts

How do I connect the Payload payment gateway?

Please note that Payload charges a fee for each transaction.

Step 1

From any page, go to the Accounting page, then select the Payment gateways tab. Click Connect gateway and select Payload.


Step 2

You will be redirected to fill out the Payload form. In a form, you’ll be requested to provide:

  • Funding account information
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Business information (including Legal Name, Tax ID, etc.)
  • Beneficial/Control ownership information
  • Processing information

After submitting the form, your Payload gateway integration status will be set as Pending.


Step 3

When Payload confirms your request, you’ll get an email notification and the PENDING badge will be removed.


If you have any troubles with the Payload gateway integration, please reach out to Payload Support at

How do I disconnect the Payload gateway?

If your Payload gateway has a pending status, you can disconnect it by going to Accounting > Payment gateways > Payload and selecting the Disconnect gateway button.


Most common payment errors

  • Payment transaction declined – for unknown reasons, your payment has been declined by Payload.
  • Payment method declined – for unknown reasons, your bank account or credit card was declined.
  • Payment service error – something went wrong with Payload.


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