Agent Billing: Guide for agents

The Agent Billing module allows owners and admins to automate one-time and recurring agent fees and helps owners to collect money by charging agent credit cards - read more... 

Where can I see all my payment methods? 

Payment methods are listed on the Billing page under the USER menu section. 

What does a default payment method mean? 

You, as an agent, can have multiple credit cards added to Brokermint. One of those credit cards can be marked as your default. That way, admins know what card to use next time they process a one-time or set up a recurring fee. 

How do I manage my payment methods? 

You can manage your payment methods on the Billing page under the USER menu section.

Here is a short video explaining how to add, update, make default, or delete a payment method:

Can I update or cancel a recurring charge? 

You need to contact your admin if you would like to cancel or update a recurring charge.

Does Brokermint notify me of any updates or charges? 

Brokermint will notify you about any updates to your payment methods via email notifications. We will let you know: 

  • when a new credit card is added to your Brokermint account
  • when a credit card is updated
  • when a credit card is marked as default
  • every time a credit card is charged
  • in case of a failed charge and 
  • when a credit card is removed

Whatever happens to your payment methods, you’ll be the first to know!

Is it secure? 

Yes. Brokermint uses payment gateways that meet the highest industry standards and are Level 1 PCI compliant - read more... 

Where can I get my billing statement? 

You can get your billing statement from the Billing page under the USER menu section.


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