The Agent Billing module allows owners and admins to automate one-time and recurring fees. It also helps owners collect fees by charging agent credit cards. You can charge credit cards with Braintree payment gateway integration.  

Does my brokerage need this module?

If your brokerage collects any one-time or recurring fees from its agents, you should definitely try it.

Is it included with my Brokermint plan?  

Yes, the Agent Billing module is included with all Brokermint plans. You will not incur any additional charges.

How does it work?


  1. Admins add recurring fee entries for their agents.
  2. Brokermint generates invoices based on the entries and increases the agent's balance.
  3. Admins enter received payments and apply them to the invoices.


  1. Admins or agents add a payment method to the agent’s profile.
  2. Admins assign the payment method to one or more recurring fee entries.
  3. Brokermint charges the credit card according based on the entries and applies the charged amount to the corresponding invoice.

Security and compliance

We neither collect nor store any client credit card related information. All information provided by clients goes directly to their Braintree payments accounts. 

Braintree meets the highest industry standards and is Level 1 PCI compliant.

  • Cardholder data is encrypted with multiple encryption keys.
  • It’s impossible to connect to the data store through the internet.
  • Passwords are securely stored and all communication is protected.
  • All the activity is closely monitored to prevent unauthorized access.

Read more about Braintree security measures here.


Brokermint stores the complete history of all transactions in its activity log. All events are permanently stored and cannot be deleted. In case of any suspicious credit card activity, brokers can trace trace it with the account activity log. 


Brokermint is a permission-based system. Only users with can manage users and can manage agent billing permissions granted by their admin will be able to manage payment methods and charges on behalf of the firm.


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