User management

With Brokermint, you have a centralized place to manage all personnel from different sub-accounts. 

Who can manage users?

This can be done by any user who has access to the Users section. Please remember that the role of the user does not determine any permissions. If this option is not available please contact your account administrator and request they enable this permission for you. 


How to manage users?

Please navigate to the Account Access tab of the Users section, select the required sub-account and click on the edit link. Then, select the Manage connection option from the drop-down list.


And choose what information would you like to edit:

  • user information;
  • user permissions;
  • commission plans;

When you are done with editing the information just hit the Save button.


In case you would like a user to be connected to an additional sub-account, please click on the give access to more accounts link.


Then select the appropriate sub-account and hit the Connect button.


How to manage user permissions? 

To be able to adjust the user permission level in a specific sub-account, please navigate to the Users section, select the required agent, then move to the Permissions tab from the right-hand side menu and click the adjust permissions link:


Set the required level of permissions and hit Save.

How to manage commission plans? 

If you want to manage the commission plans assigned to a specific user,  please navigate to the Users section, select the required agent and move to the Commission plans tab from the right-hand side menu, where you need to click the update plans link or add plans link if no plans were assigned yet:


How can I see the use logs? 

Under the Comments & Activity tab of the Users section, you can find all the logs related to the specific user. 



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