Multiple Sub-Accounts

Why should I add sub-accounts to my Brokermint account?

Many brokerages have multiple offices and use different branding or business types for each. With Brokermint, you can add all of your offices to one account and still provide each office with its own personalized dashboard and required compliance model.

How do I add sub-accounts to my Brokermint account? 

If you would like to add multiple sub-accounts to your Brokermint account, you need to be on an enterprise plan. To set up each office the way you need or run the whole company (instead of individual office reports), send a request to You can also use our online support chat to have this feature enabled for you.

How do I switch sub-accounts? 

You can switch sub-accounts from 3 places: the Account page, the Users page, or using the quick sub-account switch at the top of the main menu. 

Here’s a short video explaining how to switch sub-accounts:

How many users do I have across all sub-accounts? 

You can see how many active users you have across all your sub-accounts at the top of the Users. The Active tab shows the number of active users within the current sub-account

How do I manage user access to sub-accounts? 

On the Users page, you can give a user access to one or more sub-accounts, revoke a user's access to a sub-account, or grant it back - read more... 

How do I set user permissions for sub-accounts? 

Users who have access to multiple sub-accounts may have different levels of permissions in each account. Anyone with access to the Users page can manage user permissions. The user role does not determine the permission level. Instead, permissions are managed on a per-user basis in the Permissions section of the right-side panel on the Users page.

Here's a short video explaining how to adjust the permission level:


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