Connecting kvCORE to your account

Connect kvCORE and Brokermint to eliminate double entry and most importantly, save your time:

  • Sync leads and listings to Brokermint 
  • Automatically create listings in Brokermint based on their status in kvCORE
  • Assign listings to users 

How do I connect a kvCORE add-on?


  1. Go to Add-ons > kvCORE > Get started
  2. Request your API key from the kvCORE support team and enter it in the related field
  3. Switch needed toggles for syncing contacts and listings

Initial sync may take up to 30 minutes. After that, auto-sync will happen every 2 hours. Filters can be adjusted at any time. To stop the integration, simply switch the toggle.

You can also assign the agents their kvCORE IDs on the same page: 


All synced listings will appear in the Incoming transactions list with the kvCORE indicator:


The synced contacts will appear in the Contacts list with kvCORE marked as the lead source:



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