Agent onboarding


Agent onboarding lets you integrate your new employee, agent, or existing worker by filling out the required paperwork. The whole process is done through checklists that contain tasks. Go to Checklists > Agent Onboarding. If the onboarding feature is activated for your account, you'll see the 'Simple onboarding' checklist. If you want to add new tasks, click Action > Add task. Here you should decide on:

  • The role assigned to a task completion
  • Task name and description
  • Whether it requires a document
  • Task due date and options


Onboarding tasks will appear in the order you set them in the onboarding checklist. Drag and drop them to change the order.

How to onboard an agent?

Once you're feeling confident with your onboarding checklist content, go to Users, select the onboardee profile and click Start onboarding. Then, select the onboarding checklist. Associated users will be auto-populated according to the roles set in your onboarding checklist.


You can also start onboarding when creating a user.

Where do I find my outstanding tasks?

When onboarding has been started, you will find the new tab called onboarding on the right-side panel. Click on it to see the start date, how long the agent has been in onboarding, information regarding outstanding tasks, and what the current progress is. To open up onboarding, click the yellow onboarding link near the user's name or the more details link on the right tab.


Onboarding from the admin's perspective

As long as you have a 'Can manage users' permission, you can move people in and out of onboarding and manage the onboarding tasks. The onboarding checklist looks pretty similar to the transaction checklist. You can upload any document you need using the Upload or Use forms button. If for any reason your agents request an exemption for one of these items, you can exempt it, if you know you already have this or they just don't need this.


If your brokerage has sub-accounts, you will see each of them show up, so you can always keep track of which account you're onboarding the agent into.

Onboarding from the agent's perspective

Once an agent is in the onboarding status, they'll receive access to the onboarding module. The agent will be able to fill out only the tasks assigned to them while the ones assigned to other users will be greyed out. With each task or document upload submission, you'll see the progress changing.


Until the onboarding process is complete, the agent won't be able to create transactions, access the rest of his/her account regardless of what permissions they have.

How do I review the onboarding checklist?

To review the documents, go to the onboarding module of the applicable person and click Review on the right-side panel or select Action > Review.


How do I complete the onboarding process?

On the onboarding page, select the Action > Finish option. Once this is done, the agent will be removed from the onboarding status and receive access to all paperwork through their user profile.


How do I cancel the onboarding process?

On the onboarding page, select Action > Cancel. Canceling the onboarding process will also make the user's profile inactive.


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