Sharing transactions with the clients

How do I share the transaction?

I don't have the share option

Does the share expire?

What is transaction sharing?

Now you can provide real-time access to the transaction overview and let your clients track its progress. With this new permission-based feature, you can pick and choose the items you wish to share, give your clients visibility to the activity log with actions taken towards the checklist items.




How to share transaction:

1. Please, access the transaction and find the “Share” button under Assets and click “Create Share”:


2.Add the recipient(s) and description/message:


3. Next step is to select Contacts, Checklist(s) and Task(s) you would like to share:

4. You have the ability to create multiple shares as well as manage the existing shares:


Points to keep in mind:

- If you are not seeing the Share option in your transaction that means you do not have the associated permission switched on. This feature is available to any user with the permission “ Can share transaction”. Please, refer to your admin if you do not have access to permission management:


-Contacts with active shares cannot be deleted:


-Closing, canceling, or deleting the transaction will automatically expire all the shared links:




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