How Does Brokermint Integrate with Dash

If you’re the owner or manager of one of the many Realogy franchises, you’re no stranger to Dash. From Sotheby’s and Coldwell Banker to ERA and Century 21, Realogy franchises are common across the nation, and being able to manage listings with Dash is crucial to not only running your franchise successfully but also stay organized with transactional data, listing data, employee and teams information.

Although Dash helps you report your franchise data to Realogy, you need a secondary system in place to manage your back-office details. Brokermint is the ideal real estate back office management system for working with Dash. Here’s why:

A Single Point of Entry for All Your Data


Enter data once and have it seamlessly flow from Brokermint to Dash. Both platforms communicate with each other to allow personnel, listing, and transactional data to flow between them. If changes are made, they are transmitted automatically to Dash, making it easy to keep up-to-date records and details from within the Dash system by using Brokermint.

In addition, because the data that is sent to Dash must be structured in a certain way, Brokermint validates the data before it is sent, providing detailed information on what should be changed. If the information doesn’t meet with Dash’s requirements, it is not sent, ensuring that you have a complete data trail that conforms to Dash’s own requirements.

Personnel Data


From agent photos to profile information, you don’t need to duplicate information in Brokermint to Dash. The Brokermint system is smart enough to push information directly to Dash, putting and to the need for duplicate agent profiles and details. You can also sync agent information from Brokermint into Dash for easier and up-to-date records across all of your offices.

Listing Data


Dash comes with a huge amount of data storage and Brokermint’s own cloud storage makes importing and exporting listings both within the systems and to public-facing websites easy and hassle-free.

To help maintain transparency, listing data is reported to the franchise immediately. This same listing data is available in Dash for other marketing activities as well, including your public-facing websites, social media, flyers, and more. Plus, to avoid duplicates, the listing data is merged with existing data in Dash to avoid the issue of duplicates cluttering up the system.

Transactional Data


Brokermint can pull data from Dash, enrich it with relevant details, and then push it back to Dash. In Brokermint, this information can also be used to help you determine who your top producing agents are and set goals accordingly, giving you real-time information that your brokerage needs to thrive. Not only does this help you avoid duplicate entries, but it ensures that you’re working with the very latest, most relevant data for whatever task.



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