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Brokermint allows you to customize and validate all information before any listing or user data is pushed to DASH. Instead of risky, but fancy auto-sync of agents and listings, we adopt a manual integration approach. It allows us to identify inconsistencies and duplicates while following Realogy/DASH data requirements.

How do I connect the DASH add-on?

Within your profile, go to Add-ons > DASH > Get started. Enter your Company ID, then select office and click Save settings. Once the integration is activated, you will be redirected to the DASH configuration page.


Now click the new DASH page on the menu under the TO DO tab. Here you'll see a list of any personnel contacts, listings, or transactions that currently contain inconsistencies between the data in Brokermint or MLS and DASH.

The system recognizes differences in capitalization, spelling, and other data entry errors. Edit and confirm the correct details before pushing data to DASH.


After fixing the inconsistencies, select the needed contact, listing, or transaction, and click Push to DASH.

How to push Contacts to DASH?

Person Conflicts

Once you have clicked under the People section the Push to DASH button in the top right corner, you will see a pop-up screen that displays Person Conflicts. 


This pop-up shows a difference between Brokermint and DASH person’s data. It will display the conflicts found and will prompt you to select the information you would like to use. Make the appropriate selections and hit the Next button in the bottom left of the pop-up to go to the Preview screen. Review the details and hit the Push button at the bottom of the pop-up. 


Match Person

Once you have clicked under the People section and clicked the Push to DASH button in the top right corner, you will see a pop-up screen that displays Match Person. Click on the person inside the pop-up screen. From here, follow the directions for Person Conflicts outlined above. In case you would like to create a new person in DASH, click Create new... 


Fill out the appropriate fields and then select the Push button at the bottom of the pop-up screen.


Can I synchronize a profile photo?

Yes, while synchronizing, you can select a profile photo from either Brokermint or DASH. 


How are multiple roles synchronized?

DASH allows a person to have several roles. Brokermint allows a person to have only one role. While synchronizing Brokermint and DASH, you have 3 options. You can merge a role defined in Brokermint with a role or roles defined in DASH so that the person has all these roles. Or, you can select a role or roles defined in DASH. Or, you can select a custom DASH role or roles for the person.


Can I select multiple custom roles?

Yes, you can select more than one DASH role while synchronizing Brokermint and DASH. These can be a combination of a Producing role and Other role(s). While you can select multiple Other roles, only one DASH Producing role is allowed. 


How to push listings to DASH?

Match Listing

Once you have clicked, in the Listings section, the Push to DASH button in the top right corner, you will see a pop-up screen that displays Match ListingSelect the listing, listed in the pop-up to match it to the address that is in question. IIf you would like to create a new listing in DASH, click the create new link at the bottom of this pop-up.


You will then see a pop-up Listing Conflicts. Make the appropriate selections on the left-hand side of the screen as you move your way down. If one of the selections isn’t correct, please manually correct it. Once you have selected/corrected the fields, click the Next button in the bottom right of the pop-up.


Once this is done a preview listing details will appear. Scroll down and click the Push button to complete the process.




How to push Virtual Open House/Open House information to DASH?

The Preview Listing Details screen shows all transaction information as well as virtual or regular open house information and related images if this information is available in your MLS record.


Just click on the Open Houses section to open it. You will find the Virtual Open House information there.



Or regular Open House description: 


Once you hit the Push button all information available in your DASH account will be replaced by the current one.


How to push Transactions to DASH?

Once you have clicked under the Transactions section the Push to DASH button in the top right corner, you will see a pop-up that lists the transaction in a text box, and then asks you to create. Hit the create new link.


Then select a date for closing by clicking into the “closing date” field and selecting a date on the calendar. Then hit Next.


Your final pop-up screen will ask you to preview all items from the transaction. If all looks good, scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up and hit the Push button.




Does DASH use MLS as a source of data? 

Yes, DASH uses both Brokermint and MLS as a source of data. 


Are multiple agents association, % of transaction sent to DASH? 

Yes. If a transaction is associated with multiple agents or a team, this info is sent to DASH as agent participation or commission percentage, according to the Brokermint transaction agent’s award allocation configuration. The sum of all agent commissions should be 100%. 


Will I be notified about failures?  

Yes, Brokermint notifies you in real-time about any failures that happen while pushing data to DASH. If a person, listing, or transaction is still on the DASH TO DO list after you’ve pushed the data to DASH, you still need to push the item You won't receive any additional emails or messages about failures from Brokermint. 


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