E-signature overview

The E-sign package can be created under the Checklists, Documents, or Unsorted tabs by clicking the E-sign button from the right-hand side menu.  


After that, you should enter the people who should complete/sign the document by clicking the add signer link for each additional signer and click Next when you are ready to start the e-sign process.


Please check the box Assign signer order and put the signers in the required order by drag and drop the lines if this is required.


Once the document is open you can select the field type to place from the top menu. You can choose from the following:


After you place a field you can use the popup menu to change who is responsible for completing that field and other formatting options.


If you need to add/remove documents or adjust the signers you can do this by clicking the Settings button.


To save your changes simply click Save & close on the top menu. If you are ready to send the package, click the dropdown and select Send for signature.


If there are fields that should be signed by yourself, just assign them to you. Once you hit Send for signature, a pop-up window will be opened asking Sign & send the package.


If you need to change the e-mail address of the signer or re-send the document to remind the recipient to sign it, when the e-sign package has already been sent, please navigate to the E-signatures section and click the "..." button.


In case you need to make adjustments to the already signed document, please click the E-sign button and select one of the options depending on what you are trying to accomplish.



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