Library & E-signature templates

Users who have access to the Library can create e-signature templates that agents can use in any transaction. They will be able to pull each template as needed to any place on their checklist.

To create e-signature templates please navigate to the Library, click the Add folder button and name it, then you can add documents by clicking the Upload document button. 


Once the document is uploaded, open the folder, select the document, and click the Make a template button from the right-hand side menu.


After that, you should enter the roles of people who should complete/sign the form by clicking add role for each additional signer, for example, Buyer or Seller (Buyer 1, Buyer 2, etc. when multiple signers of the same role are needed). Click Next when ready to begin setting up the template.


Once the document is open you can select the field type to place from the top menu. You can choose from the following:


After you place a field you can use the popup menu to change who is responsible for completing that field and other formatting options.


To save your changes simply click Save & close on the top menu. To cancel your changes click the dropdown and select Discard changes.


 The document should be labeled as an e-sign template.




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