How to send an email from Brokermint

After a document has been fully executed and signed the next step is to send the document or documents to the co-op side.

You can email your agents using either the ChecklistDocuments, and Unsorted sections or the Users & Contacts section if you do not want to attach any document. In that email, you can tell them what is missing and/or needs correction.

If you are under Checklists/Documents/Unsorted tabs please select the required document and click the Email button from the right-hand side menu. 


You can add/remove documents from the email as well as add/remove recipients. In case you need to attach a template please hit the Use template link.

If you would like to send an email from the Users & Contacts tab please hit the Action button and select Send email


You can add/remove recipients but no documents can be attached. To add a required template to the email just click Use template link.

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