How to split and merge documents

You can split and merge documents from the Unsorted folder under the Documents tab within appropriate transactions and assign them to the required task of the checklist. In order to do this please select the document that you wish to split/merge and find the Edit button on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you have already added a document to a specific placeholder within the checklist, you need to move it to the Unsorted folder to be able to split or merge it. To do this please select the document on the Checklists or Documents tab and click the Unassign button. Once this is done the document will be saved under the Unsorted tab.

For merging documents, please select the document that you wish to merge, choose the "Merge with" option from the list, select one by one all other documents you want to merge with the current one by clicking the add document link, and type the merged document name. Once you click on the Merge button, you will find the merged document on the top of your Unsorted document's list.


In order to assign the document to a place on the checklist, you should select the document you would like to assign and click Assign to button from the right-hand side menu. You will see the list of documents from your checklist. Select the task and your document will be assigned to it. Once the document has been assigned it will disappear from the Unsorted document list. 


In case the required task is missing in the drop-down list please click on the Create new link, select the required checklist and type the task name. Once you hit Save, the document will be automatically assigned to the specified task. 


For splitting the document, please select the document that you wish to split, choose the "Split" option from the list, enter the required pages, where "From" will be the first page of the new document, and "To" - the last page. You can select the appropriate document name from the drop-down list, which will automatically assign it to the Checklist task once you hit the Split button or enter the name of the document, which will save it under the Unsorted folder.


Please view the video below for details.

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