Receiving Offers on Your Listing

How to Receive an Offer 

If you would like to submit or receive an offer for your listing, please navigate to the Offers tab of the required transaction and use the link on the top of the screen. You can email this link to Buyer Agent to have them fill out or you can submit the offer yourself. 



Open the link in a new tab, and add the necessary information to the offer:



How to View Submitted Offers

When a new entry is complete it will be added to the Offers page, sorted by the offer price. You can email the buyer's agent, make notes or submit counteroffers.



How to Approve an Offer

New offers automatically are assigned a 'received' status. When you are ready to approve or reject an Offer, select the 'Approve' or 'Reject' button on the top right of your screen. This will automatically email the associated parties with the updated status on their offer. If you have rejected an offer accidentally, you can un-reject it by clicking the Un-reject button.


Once you approve the offer, you should update the transaction status to 'pending'. 

*Please note -- once the listing status is changed to 'pending', it will automatically prevent any new offers from being submitted and prevent parties not associated with the 'approved' offer to see any pending listing details. If you wish to start receiving offers on your listing again, simply update the transaction status back to 'listing'. 


Please view the video below for more details:

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