Automated Company Commission Plans

We are excited to announce our latest enhancement to our system which allows Brokermint to automate company deductions just like agent deductions! This is a great solution for things like Referrals, Revenue Shares, Overrides, etc.

Within the commission plans tab, we now have a section called "Paid by company", where you can choose what type of deduction you need: pre-commission or post-commission deduction.


 Select the required deduction to be added, type the name, amount, and who it's getting paid to.


Next time this plan is used within a transaction, the company deductions will already be there. If changes need to be made you can always add or remove company deductions on a transaction basis.

Please watch the video of the Live Webinar on Automated Brokerage Commissions:


  • Intro to Change  - 1:33
  •  How to setup - 3:05 
  • Use of a new feature - 8:15

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