Brokermint pipeline brings all your active sales funnels and transactions to your fingertips. The data is displayed as a funnel, with listings at the top, followed by pending deals, and closed transactions at the bottom. 

The funnel gathers all the data you have access to. If you don't see specific metrics on your dashboard, please contact your admin for the needed permission.  


Pipeline for agents

For agents, it becomes an individual pipeline and displays the following metrics:

  • My Net Income
  • My Sales Volume

Pipeline for admins and owners

For admins and owners, who have access to all commission data, it shows office metrics:

  • Total Office Net
  • Office Sales Volume
  • Office Gross (of all your company’s transactions)

Within each section of the funnel, the data is sorted by the corresponding date, expiration date for listings, and the closing date for pending and closed transactions.

Pre-listing records are not included in the Pipeline separately. They are displayed within the Listings section.

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