How to delete a user

If you need to remove a duplicate user or delete a user this can be done by making a user inactive. Once a user is made inactive it will not affect your reports, commissions, or transactions. You will not lose any information when you do this, but they will be unable to access their account. Also, your billing will not be affected by inactive users.

By inactivating all users, you will not be able to automate commissions. That is a big benefit of Brokermint. You will still be able to generate reports as long as the commission data is entered to Brokermint.

To delete a user from the user list you need to:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab under Settings;
  2. Select a user you would like to delete;
  3. Make the user inactive by sliding the Active button from the right-hand side menu;

To make a user that has been deleted active again, simply select the Inactive users tab, select a user you would like to reactivate, and slide the button to active. 

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