How to edit commissions

If you need to edit commissions once they have already been entered into the transaction you need to select the Commissions tab within the transaction. If you do not see this tab you need to speak with your admin and ask them to fix this. Having access to transaction commissions is a specific permission that is needed.

If you need to edit commissions in a closed transaction you do not need to reopen the transaction to complete this. Once the information is edited it will make this page a draft again. Once finalized it will reflect properly in your reporting. 

If you have a sliding scale set up in any of your commission plans, please be sure your commissions are finalized. If they are not finalized the numbers will not reflect in reports and caps may be off that have been set for users. Please follow the next steps to change commissions:

  1. Navigate to the Commissions tab within a transaction;
  2. Edit any information needed;
  3. Click the Action button;
  4. Select Finalize commissions;
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