Brokermint dashboard allows you to present various types of information side-by-side using widgets, such as:

  • Content widget which allows you to enter and format text, imagery, and videos
  • Links widget that helps you store important web pages lists
  • Recent transactions widget that displays your most recently created transactions
  • Goal tracking widget that shows how your office achieves its goals from the perspective of different metrics

Except for the Goal tracking one, all the listed widgets are displayed automatically.

How do I edit a widget on the dashboard?

At the top right corner of each widget, click the edit icon. Depending on the widget type, you can edit its title and content.


How do I add a goal tracking widget?

On the top right section of the page, click Add widget and select Goal tracking widget. You don't need to configure it as it pulls the data automatically.


Why can't I see the Dashboard page in the menu?

If you can't see the Dashboard page in the menu, contact your local admin. They should enable the needed permission for a user.


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