How to add and edit contacts

How do I add a new contact within a transaction?

To add a contact within your transaction, from its page select Action > Add user / contacts. To add an existing user simply type their name into a field. If you want to create a new user, start typing their name and then click the Create new link. In a pop-up window, fill out the necessary fields of your new contact, select the needed role and click Add.


How do I delete a contact from the transaction?

Select the contact within a transaction and click Revoke access on the right-side panel.


How do I change a transaction owner?

Select the contact within a transaction and select the Transaction owner checkbox button on the right-side panel.


How do I create or edit a contact?

Go to Contacts > Add contact. and proceed with filling out the needed info. If you want to edit a contact, click the Edit button on the right-side panel.


You should have a Can manage private contacts permission to manage contacts.

Public vs Private contacts

When you add a contact, you'll see an 'available to:' option. If it is set to everyone, the contact's view will be public for all users across your company. If you don't want to share the contact info with your company, make sure to set a 'me only (private)' option.

The below video will be useful for the users with the Admin level of access.


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