Edit, close, delete and re-open transactions

Editing transactions

After the transaction has been created you can always edit the information by selecting Edit under the edit link within an appropriate transaction. If you have been given access to close, cancel or delete a transaction you can do this under the edit link as well. 


Deleting transactions

If you want to delete your transaction please note that this action is irreversible. All transaction assets including documents, offers, checklists, and activity will be permanently deleted.

Closing transactions

You can close a transaction before completing a checklist if permissions have been set that way. It may be the case that a transaction can not be closed until all documents have been reviewed.
When a transaction is closed there is a checkbox that if left checked changes the closing date already entered to the current day. 


Re-opening transactions

You can re-open a closed transaction by clicking the edit link within an appropriate transaction and selecting the Re-open from the drop-down list.


How to enable the required permission?

If you are not seeing the required option within your transaction that means that your user configuration does not have the right to perform this change and the corresponding permission should be enabled for you. This can be done by navigating to the Permissions section of the required user under the Users tab and clicking adjust permissions.


After checking the needed permissions, click Save.

If you do not have access to the Users section, please contact your account administrator and request to enable the respective permission for your user.

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