How to add a user. Welcome email.

If you would like to create a new user please navigate to the Users tab under Settings and click Create user.

If you do not have access to this section but you believe you should please reach out to your system administrator and ask to turn on can manage users permission within your user profile.

Once you have the correct access and Create user button has been clicked you need to type in the user's name, chose the role, enter email address, and fill in any additional information you need.

The second step will open the list of permissions available to set up the required ones to the user.

Once you have done setting the level of access, select Next and you will come to the commission plans. You can select as many commission plans as you would like for each user. You don't have to select a commission plan if you don't want to. You can always add them later. Once you have done adding commission plans select Next.

The last step will give you the option of sending a welcome email as well as starting the onboarding process if you are on an enterprise plan. If you do not want your users to receive a welcome email please select Do not notify the user for now option.

Once you hit the Create user button a new user will be available at the list of your active users. To send this welcome email the later day you just need to select the required user and click Resend invitation button from the right-hand side menu.

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