Team Commission Plans & Pro-Rated Agent Deduction

The following video shows you how to set up teams then use those teams to build team commission plans. We also talk about how to set up individual agent deductions that pro-rate based on award allocation.

Team Commission Plan
Step #1: Set up those needed teams in your account by selecting Teams under the Fields tab:

Step #2: Apply Teams to correct users by navigating to the Users tab:

Step #3: Build team commission structures under the Commission plans tab;

Step #4: Apply Team Tracking to Split: by selecting ACCRUED BY > "team: agent's team" in the "split" section:

Prorated Agent Deductions
Step #1: Add deduction to transactions or commission template by clicking "add" link >  "Pre-split deduction" or "Post-split deduction":

Step #2: Apply Award Allocation pro-rate option by selecting "PRORATED ACCORDING TO" > "award allocation":

Please watch the video for details.

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