Uploading documents

After assigning checklists, you can begin uploading your documents. Your checklist may contain a few different items: tasks and documents. Tasks guide you through the process and help to complete all the needed steps. You can mark tasks as complete as soon as you take care of them.

In addition to completing tasks, you need to upload documents to your transaction. There are 4 options for adding documents:

Option #1 – Direct upload

From your checklist, click the Upload button near the selected task. Once uploaded you'll see the document preview.


Option #2 – Add documents via email

On the left-hand side menu, click the add via email link. Then, copy the generated email address by clicking Copy to clipboard and e-send needed documents to this address. After sending, you can find them in the Unsorted folder under the ASSETS section of your transaction.


Option #3 – Drag-and-drop documents

From any page of your transaction, drag and drop files from your computer. After uploading, they will appear in the Unsorted folder.


Option #4 – Pull documents from DocuSign


Learn more about uploading documents to Brokermint from this video:


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