Commission plans

Commission plans should be set up and applied to each user or agent in the Brokermint system. In order to automate the commission management you need to: 

  1. - setup commission templates;
  2.  - assign templates to users;

When users add new transactions the system automatically applies templates and calculates commissions. Navigate to Commission plans tab and click Add plan button. Enter name for your plan and then hit Add.

Once added you need to configure the split and then add pre-split or post-split deductions.
Click on the split option and enter either % or flat fee - this is the amount that the company pays to the agent. 

Enable the sliding scale option if you have the multiple level structure, select a base for your sliding scale, and then select a period. Add all tiers and enter splits. Save your configuration once everything is set up. 

The next step is to add pre-split and post-split deductions. Pre-split is deducted on the top, f.e. it can be business tags, something that you deducted before the split. The post-split is deducted from the agent's commissions. Usually, it's something like E&O fee, transaction fee, etc. 

When the template is ready you can create a copy and customize it or you can build a new plan from scratch. 

The next step is to assign your plan to users. Go to the Users tab and select the user you want to start with. Expand the commission plan section and assign a plan. The default commission plan which system automatically assigns when the user creates a transaction is actually the last commission plan assigned to that agent (the one on the bottom of the list). You can assign multiple commission structures to the same agents and then select the one you want to use for any given transaction.

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