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Brokermint takes the stress out of team-based commission tracking. We provide an intuitive and easy-to-use functionality for simplifying the real estate commission structure and making it (really) manageable.

Getting Started with Commission Plans

The lifecycle of a commission plan is simple: you create it, set commission templates, and assign these templates to users.

Adding a commission plan

Create a commission plan by going to the Commission plans page and clicking the Add plan button. Enter a name for your plan and click Add


Configuring a commission plan

Once added, you must configure the split and add pre-split or post-split deductions. When you have a plan selected, click split under the Paid by agent section. In a split window, enter either % or flat fee – an amount that the company pays to the agent. 


Simple Split Commissions: Video Tutorial


If you have a complex commission structure, click the simple calculation link and select sliding scale. This option lets you select a base for your sliding scale, and then select a period. Add all tiers, enter splits, and once finished click Save.


Adding pre-split and post-split deductions

On the same Paid by agent section, click add and select the needed option:

  • Pre-split is something that you deduct before the split, examples include business tag, state or city taxes, or company Franchise/Royalty Fees
  • Post-split is deducted from agent's commissions, for example, E&O fee, transaction fee, etc


Adding Deductions to Commissions: Video Tutorial

You can customize and duplicate your templates or build new plans from scratch.

Assigning a commission plan

From the Users page, select the needed profile and click add plans under the Commission plans tab. On the opened window, select one or multiple needed plans and click Save.


Special Commission Scenarios: Video Tutorial

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