Email templates

E-mail templates give you the ability to upload any number of office e-mail templates into the Brokermint e-mail system within minutes. In order to create email templates please navigate to the Fields tab, select Email templates and click Add template button. If you would like transaction information to be populated you can add appropriate short codes to the template. 

Once a template is created it can be used for sending emails. To do this just navigate to the Checklists/Documents/Unsorted sections or the Users & Contacts section within the required transaction. If you are under Checklists/Document/Unsorted tabs please click the Email button and select the required template by clicking the use template link. 

You can add/remove documents from the email as well as add/remove recipients.

If you would like to send an email from the Users & Contacts tab please hit the Action button and select Email everybody. To add the required template to the email just click use template link. 

All contacts added to the transaction will be automatically added as recipients. You can add another recipient or remove the recipient you do not need. As concerns adding the documents to the email so this can be done only from Documents/Unsorted tabs.

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