Google Drive integration setup

In order to set up your Google Drive integration please follow the steps below:

Step 1
From Brokermint go to the Add-ons and click QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 2
Click the Configuration button.

Step 3
Hit  Apps.

Step 4
Click the Data Storage & backup and then activate Google Drive. You must be logged in to the company Google Drive account.

Step 5
Click Brokermint.

Step 6
Click the BM Accounts to make sure your business name is appearing here. And click the Google Drive Accounts to see that the correct email address is set up.

Step 7

Navigate to the Workflows and click the Workflow Templates - Backup transaction documents.

Step 8

Click Use This Template button.

Check the connection and hit Save.

Step 8

Click the clock, change how frequently you want it to run, and click Run now.

Step 9

Activate integration by hitting Play.

When the transaction is closed in Brokermint, the attached documents and activity log are backed up to the specified folder in your Google Drive.

You may need to re-open and close recent transactions so the system recognizes them as Google Drive is an API setting add on and backs up when you close the transaction.

Please have a look at the video below.


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