Google Drive integration setup


Brokermint allows you to organize and back up your transactional files with Google Drive so your critical business data never gets lost.

How do I connect Google Drive to Brokermint?

Step 1

From the Add-ons page, find and click a Google Drive section and click Configuration. gdi_1.gif

Please note that Apination charges $25/month for this integration.

Step 2

At the top of an opened page, find the Google Drive (offline) logo and click on it. Select the needed Google account and allow the Apination Sync to access it.


Once connected, click Use this template, and then Save.

Step 3

If you want to create backups only for transactions moving forward, uncheck the Sync mark and click Apply. In case you want to keep all your transactions synced, don't remove the checkmark.


Step 4

To set the frequency of the synchronization, click the clock icon on the left menu. Click Change and set the needed time. Then click Apply.


Step 5

Now, click the Play button and enter your personal and payment information to set up the API nation profile.


Once finished, you will find new sync folders in your connected Google Drive. Please contact our support with any questions.

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