Setting up checklist templates

To set up Checklist template please navigate to the  Checklists tab under Settings  and click Add template

You can set up a new template or clone the existing one and change it. Brokermint pre-uploaded two templates that you can customize to meet your needs.
To add a new task you just need to click the Action button and select Add task from the drop-down within an appropriate checklist template.

To change settings of already existing task you just need to click on it and a new window will open. Please use drag and drop to change the order of your existing tasks.
While creating/editing task you can set the task name, description, and the role of the user who should complete the task. Please make sure you checked the box "Requires a document to be attached" because in case you leave it unchecked agents won't be able to attach a document to the task. You can tell the system when your task is due. Once you assigned a checklist to your transaction, the system will auto-populate due dates based on your rules. If there are multiple tasks with the same due date they will be displayed according to the order defined in your template. You can also tie custom dates created in the transaction fields to the tasks of the checklist template.

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