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Here at Brokermint, we believe that efficient transaction management goes beyond a bulky list of documents. That's why we provide our users with a simple yet powerful checklist template tool that makes the transaction process go smoother.

Our users love Brokermint's custom template tool for:

  • Checklists. Making separate lists for listings, purchases, and short sales makes life easier.
  • Tasks and documents. Get more visibility on checkmarks you should tick and documents you need to provide.
  • Milestones. Every transaction due date carries a group of dependent items that should be completed. At Brokermint even sophisticated actions like contingency removal 17 days after acceptance can be automated.
  • Template management. Managing a set of amazing templates requires constant updates and regulatory changes compliance. On our platform, these templates can be changed on the go.

Forms are being synced across checklists to avoid template data conflicts. When creating a new document within the transaction, the data is being filled in beforehand.

How do I create a new checklist?

From the Checklists page, click the + Add template button. Enter the checklist name and click Add. After creation, you will be able to duplicate it and edit it at your convenience.


Brokermint platform has two pre-created templates that are fully customizable. Try them out!

How do I edit and add a task to the checklist?

Within a needed checklist template, find and click the Action button and select Add task option from the dropdown.


Here's how to figure out what you need to change:

  • To be completed by — select the role of a user who will complete the task
  • Task name and description — this content will be displayed when selecting a task
  • Requires a document — allows an agent to attach a document to this task
  • Task due — specifies the date, time, and condition by which the task must be completed

After you have set everything up, click Add task.

You can also tie custom dates created in the transaction fields to the tasks of the checklist template.

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