How to create a transaction

Transactions in Brokermint allow you to centralize and streamline back-office processes by keeping all relevant documents, offers, and details in one place.

If you need to create transactions that aren't quite ready to move to the "listing" status, learn about our pre-listing statuses.

Creating a new transaction

Step 1

From the Transactions page, click Create transaction and select Create new.


Step 2

First, set up an appropriate transaction type and status below NEW TRANSACTION. Then, enter the needed address and information including Additional fields.


If the required transaction type is missing you can add it under the Fields tab. If your user configuration doesn't have the rights to perform this please reach out to your admin.

Make sure to fill out all the red-marked required fields, then click Next.

Step 3

Enter commission information and select the side you represent in the current transaction.


Step 4

Add yourself as an agent by clicking the Add agent/commission link.


Please keep in mind that 100% of shared gross income is the agent's award allocation, not split. Your admin has already set up your personal split within the main admin account.

Once you finish entering the required information please click Next.

Step 5

Click the add contact link and enter contacts who are related to this specific transaction. 


You can add as many contacts as you need. They won't have any access to the system and they aren't notified about being added to this transaction.

After entering the needed data click Create. Now your transaction is up and running. Your next step can be assigning checklistsuploading documents, or submitting them for review.

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