How to create a transaction

In order to create a new transaction please make sure you are on the Transactions page and you can see Create transaction button.

There are three steps in the process of creating a transaction.

Enter the address and other necessary information. Please make sure you set up an appropriate transaction type and status. If the required transaction type is missing you can add it under the Fields tab. If your user configuration doesn't have the rights to perform this please reach out to your admin.

There may be some additional fields that have been made mandatory or required. If this is the case they will be marked in red and you won't be able to pass to the next step until you enter all information. If you have questions regarding specific fields please contact your admin because this area was customized specifically for your brokerage. Once you are done entering everything in red please hit Next.

Enter commission information and select the side you represent in the current transaction. Once you have selected the required side please remember to add yourself as an agent by clicking the Add agent/commission link. 

Please keep in mind that 100% of shared gross income is the agent's award allocation, not split. Your admin has already set up your personal split within the main admin account.
Once you finish entering the required information please click the Next button.


Enter contacts who are related to this specific transaction. You can add as many contacts as you need. All contacts entered won't have any access to the system and they are not notified that they are being added to this transaction. It is the last step when you first create the transaction. The important detail to keep in mind is that the contact needs to be created first before adding to the transaction.

Please make sure that entered information won't be saved until the Create button is selected.

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