Commission tags

Commission tags help to keep track of different fees and other payments added to the commissions. You can monitor how much your company has received year to date or how much you have paid to your TC.
Commission tags will give you an extra level of visibility on your data. You can navigate to any transaction and open commission pages and click on any income item or deduction. Simply use the tag button to create and assign the tag or used already created tag. You can tag any item that you need. 

Once done navigate to other transactions and assign tags. You can also add tags to commission templates. This will allow you to automate the process and the system can auto-apply them for you. Navigate to the Commission plans tab and add tags. 

If you want to delete, adjust, or change the order of the existing tags you can do this under the Fields tab.

After assigning a tag you can run reports to see how much has been paid or received for each tag added under the Payments report. The report shows all the tags that were used. You can click on any number to see a detailed list and then apply filters to narrow down the search results by status, commission state, and payer/payee. If you go back to the main report and click on a number it will show you the transaction list with the corresponding amounts. 

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